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Night Walk

Delight the song of crickets, the croaking of frogs and other sounds that you can hear during the night. Enjoy the great presence of darkness, and be amazed by the animals that you will have the opportunity to find in the area. In a safe way you will live a high-level experience near the Rio Grande of Tarcoles and the Carara National Park accompanied by our specialized guide in nature and photography.

We will walk in a transition zone between the humid forest of the South Pacific and the Dry Forest of the north pacific. The fauna and flora of these two forests are there for your greatest pleasure.

The vast majority of fauna in the forests of Costa Rica is nocturnal, which is why on our tour you will be able to observe species in action such as hammerheads, foxes, owls and a large number of sleeping birds.

Our tour begins at 5:30 pm with an induction talk, according to the interests of the participants we will be able to enter trails of medium difficulty , it is not necessary to travel great distances to find great riches in the destination.

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