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Due to its excellent location, Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails is recognized for offering the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife observation opportunities in Costa Rica. Eleven kilometers of trails, two observation towers, and two hanging bridges offer unique opportunities to immerse yourself in the nature of the Arenal Volcano National Park.

If you are not a guest at Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails, we offer you the opportunity to upgrade to the Day Pass to explore our impressive 865-acre (350-hectare) nature reserve.

If you want to visit the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails to practice outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, bird or wildlife watching, taking pictures, etc.

From Nov 01st 2023 to Oct 31st 2024 

Adult Rate $18 pp (+9 Years Old)

Children Rate $12 pp (4 to 8 Years Old)

From Nov 01st 2024 to Oct 31st 2025 

Adult Rate $20 pp (+9 Years Old)

Children Rate $18 pp (4 to 8 Years Old)

Spectacular views of the Volcano and Lake Arenal

Explore our natural reserve of 350 hectares

11 km of trails at the foot of the Arenal Volcano

800 meters of wheelchair trails

Birdwatching opportunities

The Nest Observation towers to explore the forest canopy

Visit the Danta waterfall and hanging bridges

Observatory Museum and visitor center

Arenal Crossfit Challenge 8 km of outdoor multi-sport circuit

Map of trails

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