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Dense forest trails, open views of pastures, and a lovely waterfall. We will guide you through part of our 350-hectare private nature reserve. You will explore from tropical forests to open grassland areas. Start the tour by walking along the “La Catarata” trail and exploring a 6-meter-high waterfall. Cool mist fills the air and the thunderous sound of falling water from the waterfall creates a relaxing and magical atmosphere. If you dare, you can take a dip in the natural pool.

The tour consists of approximately 2 kilometers of walking, including a steep descent down a set of stairs to reach the waterfall. This tour has a cost of $11 per person (minimum 4 people). We limit the group size to 15 people to ensure a good experience. After visiting the waterfall, you’ll walk through a series of tropical gardens and explore a section of the hotel estate, concluding the tour at a small lagoon. During this experience, our guide will ensure that you have the best chance of spotting wildlife while answering any questions you may have. After concluding the farm tour, you will board our tractor-drawn wagon for a pleasant ride back through our farm, where you can enjoy the scenery the property has to offer.

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