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Discover the best way to explore the stunning Lake Arenal with Desafio's Stand Up Paddling adventure. Witness breathtaking views of the magnificent Arenal Volcano while gliding across the water's surface. Whether you're a beginner or an adventure enthusiast, this activity is perfect for everyone.
Join us on our private boat as we take you to Costa Rica's largest lake. Our friendly captain and experienced guide will provide you with all the necessary gear for an unforgettable experience.
As we venture into the middle of Lake Arenal, prepare to be mesmerized by the natural beauty surrounding the Arenal Volcano. The lush green mountains create a picturesque backdrop, with some towering in the foreground and others blending into the distance. At a certain point on the lake, you'll reach the sweet spot, where you can marvel at the intricate rock formations of the volcano and feel its grandeur.
Once in the middle of the lake, your guide will provide safety instructions and help you launch your board into the water. Begin paddling on your knees, and when you're ready, stand up and find your balance. The calm waters of Arenal make it an ideal sport for people of all ages and skill levels.
This activity is not only about the sport itself but also about enjoying the serene freshwater lake and the stunning scenery. Take advantage of the ample opportunity for conversation and relaxation under the sun. During the tour, we'll make a brief stop at a breathtaking viewpoint and visit an incredible island while crossing Lake Arenal.
After 2 hours of paddling, conclude your adventure at our Pedal & Paddle Adventure Store in El Foforo, a charming town on the opposite side of the lake. Change into dry clothes and refuel with a refreshing and well-deserved snack before returning to your hotel. Treat yourself to this amazing experience in Costa Rica. 

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