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Our Costa Rica fishing expedition on Lake Arenal can now be experienced in one of our specialized fishing kayaks. You'll love this expedition-style fishing excursion, paddling along the calm and picturesque bays of Lake Arenal in the early morning. We tend to embrace the shallower parts of the exposed islands and coves to enhance the chances of catching fish. As you cast your line along the tranquil waters and whispering reeds, you'll likely be awestruck by the views of the gigantic Arenal Volcano.

This is a great activity for fishing enthusiasts and also works well for couples and families. We bring our Desafío Explorer boat as backup so that other family members can simply hang out on the boat and enjoy the ride while exploring Lake Arenal together.

There are three main types of fish in Lake Arenal that we'll be targeting: You'll love the playful nature of our Machaca fish (scientific name: Brycon behreaeon). This fish is best caught from your kayak or from the shoreline. The rainbow bass (scientific name: Parachromis dovii) lurks in the high bush areas of the lagoon and is known to put up a strong fight like its cousin, the black bass. And the trickiest to catch is the Bobo fish (scientific name: Joturus Pichardi), which, as we've experienced, has a good appetite for green, yellow, and red lures that have good resistance, but they're definitely a challenging catch!

They say the early bird catches the worm, but in the case of fishing on Lake Arenal, the early bird has a greater chance of encountering some exciting fish near daybreak. Don't miss out on excellent rod fishing in the Arenal Volcano area!

"Kayak fishing on Lake Arenal is a highly recommended fishing vacation option in Costa Rica for serious anglers!"

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