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Do you consider yourself a foodie? Love farm-to-table goodness? Then this sweet experience is a must-do for you!  This easy walk through our plantation is an enriching experience for adults and children alike.

You will discover the history of chocolate – its age-old secrets from the tropical regions of America, and the process to turn this unique fruit into the products we know and love today. For a millennium, chocolate has been considered a gift from the gods. We might agree! The cocoa tree has historically held great importance in culture as a ceremonial beverage as well as the seeds being used for currency in many countries, including Costa Rica.

And what about coffee – do you find to it hard to start the day without it? Costa Rica has some of the best coffee in the world! Come learn about the coffee plant, its fruit, how to know when to pick the beans, and how the flavor is affected by the different levels of toasting.

Of course, this tour wouldn’t be complete without some taste-testing!

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