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Would you like to discover the nocturnal version of the rainforest? On this tour, we will take a 30-minute drive to the neighboring town of La Tigra. Here we will be greeted by the Mendez family who will invite us into their farm. They live off the agriculture they harvest and have dedicated a portion of their farm for the natural regeneration of plants and animals.

We will explore a 600-meter (0.4 mi.) path through the regenerating forest, with water mirrors that will facilitate our search for nocturnal species of birds, bats, mammals, insects, and amphibians.  At the end of the trail, we will locate the Frog Sanctuary. This area is dedicated to the natural reproduction of species like the hammer frog and the bull frog, which represent the smallest and largest frog species in Costa Rica. In addition, you will be able to see beautiful Red-eye Tree frogs, and the spectacular translucent glass frogs.

Afterwards, we will be served a delicious farm-to-table dinner prepared on a wood-burning stove, with the lights of the San Carlos plains as our backdrop. 

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