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Are you a water lover? Or looking for an easy way to almost guarantee you will see wildlife in its natural habitat? Then, this combo tour is ideal for you!

First, you will experience a leisurely float on inflatable rafts down the Peñas Blancas River where a bilingual naturalist guide will help you discover the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. Many animals live along these riverbanks, so it is not uncommon to see sloths, monkeys, crocodiles, caiman, Jesus Christ lizards, turtles, and countless colorful birds. We will stop for a homemade snack at the Don Pedro Farm, where you will get to observe the lifestyle of traditional Costa Rican farmers.

Next, we will drive to the La Fortuna Waterfall to continue the amazement of the day. The Waterfall is breathtaking and a must-do during your visit to the area. The descent to the bottom of the waterfall is a 500-step trail with periodic resting points, through lush vegetation. Once you reach the bottom, you can take amazing photographs of this powerful waterfall and swim in its cool, crystal-clear waters. Then you will climb the 500 steps back up to return to the starting point where your van will be waiting. Restrooms are available at the top of the waterfall if you need to change clothes. Before returning to the hotel, we will stop at a local restaurant to share a delicious traditional lunch. 

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