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Two of the highlights of Arenal in just one day!

We will start with a visit to the main attraction of La Fortuna, the iconic Arenal Volcano. It stands majestically with a near-perfect cone 1,633 meters (5,357 ft.) high! That is over a mile in height! This walking tour through the National Park or the Arenal 1968 Trailhead will allow you to get close enough to walk across the solidified lava flows from past eruptions. Along the way, you will observe abundant flora and some fauna as we walk through the regenerating forest.  Your naturalist guide will provide interesting information about the volcano’s history and the different eruptive phases it has had, from its “awakening” in 1968 and its move into a semi-dormant state in 2010.

After this walk, we will drive to the nearby La Fortuna Waterfall, another one of La Fortuna’s “must dos”! Be prepared to have your breath taken away! The descent to the bottom of the waterfall is a 500-step trail with periodic resting points, through lush vegetation. Once you reach the bottom, you can take amazing photographs of this powerful waterfall and swim in its cool, crystal-clear waters. Then you will climb the 500 steps back up to return to the starting point where your van back to the hotel will be waiting. Restrooms are available at the top of the waterfall if you need to change clothes. 

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