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Come experience the magic! This is one of the most incredible places in Costa Rica. Here, at the base of an amazing waterfall, the waters mix with volcanic minerals to create an unmatched turquoise color, all surrounded by lush green vegetation. The incomparable beauty of this place will take your breath away.

This tour is located within the slopes of the Tenorio Volcano. Lace up your sneakers for this 7 km (4.3 mi.) trek on uneven terrain through the rainforest. There are many spectacular sites on this trail like the cascading Celeste River Waterfall, the mystical Blue Lake, a viewpoint of the Tenorio Volcano, and the “Boiling Pots” where the thermal water naturally boils in front of you. Your naturalist guide will provide interesting information about each of these for you, adding to the adventure of the day. We will walk alongside the riverbank admiring all of these natural wonders, before returning to the starting point and heading for a delicious Costa Rican lunch.  

This full-day adventure is worth the drive and every ounce of effort, but it loses some of its magic on rainy days. 

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