Arenal Hanging Bridges

This amazing project is located in a wonderful rain forest Private Reserve with 600 acres protected land. You can go into the natural paradise along walking trail of three kilometers passing 15 bridges; six of them are hanging bridges with a spectacular design as a secure - enjoyable adventure to see the forest from the canopy of the forest.

$ 78.00

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Bird Watching

With more than 400 species of birds, arenal turns into a very rich area for birding, in three hours we can easily see more than 40 bird species. For the visiting birder, this tour presents the obvious advantage of tropical biodiversity combined with excellent tour guides, delicious breakfast in front of bird feeders, stunning scenery and friendly staff.

$ 95.00

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Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk

Experience Arenal´s only wild frog sanctuary at night, when colorful tree frogs and other rainforest wildlife are most active and most easily observed. At least 28 frog species have made their home the ponds of Arenal Oasis. The Rojas Bonilla family carefully maintains native plants of Arenal, to create needed frog habitat in this private wildlife reserve of fresh spring water fed ponds; within a rainforest refuge connecting the rainforests of the Arenal Volcano and El Rio Burio.

$ 55.00

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Rio Celeste Hike

On clear days it's possible to get spectacular views. Rio Celeste is located in one of the most beautifulareas of Costa Rica. After visiting the most beautiful places of this park there is a tough hike back to the park entrance where we have served a delicious, well- deserved lunch.

$ 130.00

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Safari Float Tour

Join us in this very relaxing half day trip to The Peñas Blancas slow-flowing and mellow river, which makes it perfect for wildlife observation. Keep your eyes on the passing rainforest and you may be able to spot monkeys , sloths , iguanas, caimans , and different kinds of tropical birds.

$ 140.00

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Sloth Tour

Go with the pioneer company who started the sloth tour in the country. Our certified naturalist Guides, are experts at locating wildlife and extremely knowledgeable in their field. Arenal area is well known for its very diverse wildlife, including the two different sloth species living in Costa Rica . During this tour our main goal is to find as many sloths as possible and you have 100% guaranteed to see sloths in the wild.

$ 60.00

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Venado Cave

Get ready for an adventure unlike anything you have ever done before. We start with a 45 minute drive to the caves. Upon arrival you will be given a flashlight & helmet, and fitted for rubber boots. Our expert bilingual naturalist guide will start with a brief history of the caves. A short hike later and you are standing in amazement at the river flowing from the cave entrance.

$ 85.00

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Volcano Hike

Costa Rica has around 112 volcanoes and Arenal Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the country, from 1968 to 2010 there were lots of lava flows , eruptions and pyroclastic clouds. For years this mountain is being the biggest atraction in the area. With a beautiful scenary its trails will take you to the old lava fields where some look out points will amaze you.

$ 65.00

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Caño Negro Wetlands

Caño Negro Wetlands is a national wildlife refuge with vast unique territory of wetlands, lagoons, rivers and creeks that form a very important habitat for birds, reptiles, anphibians, fish and mammals. In this tour we will drive you from La Fortuna Area 2 hours away to magical Caño Negro Wetlands where a smooth and silence boat ride will bring you close to wildlife , our naturalist guide will point out the animals along the river and provide you with vast information of local flora and fauna. 

$ 138.00

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Manuel Antonio Jungle Night Tour

Once the sun sets in the Pacific Rainforest of Costa Rica, we start hiking and looking for exciting species of animals while the jungle takes on a totally different character, it goes from a green cathedral - like forest where beautiful shining blue morpho butterflies fly along small rivers, to a pitch- black jungle, filled with the sounds of a million insects and dozens of frogs and toads.

$ 134.00

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Sarapiqui Frogs Heaven

Encounter scores of exotic Caribbean amphibians at Frogs Heaven, a tropical garden home to over 20 species of frog. Take a guided tour to illuminate your visit with interesting information on colorful species, including red-eyed tree frogs, poison dart frogs, and a host of more obscure types endemic to Costa Rican wet forest. Watch for unusual-looking species, such as the wrinkly Mexican tree frog and the translucent glass frog. Reserve at least a day ahead as the gardens may be fully booked due to popularity. Take a visit to Frogs Heaven and learn about this beautiful place.

 This tour is available all year around with previous reservation of at least 3 hours in advance, and starts at 5:30pm in Frogs Heaven garden.

$ 78.00

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Sierpe Frogs

"The only wildlife tour in Sierpe de Osa specializing in customized night expeditions and photography".
This is an amazing way to spend the night in Sierpe! Come immerse yourself in a magical night world that many people fear to enjoy. 
At night is when nearly 70% of the animals are active, so get ready to experience the sights and sounds of night critters such as: Snakes, frogs, insects, and much more.
Get your flashlight ready and let's go frogging!

$ 150.00

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