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Caminata Guiada en el Parque Nacional Volcán Turrialba

It begins with the reception of the participants at the Finca Monte Calas, the safety helmets are delivered to all the participants and from there they proceed to give the indications of the tours along the route that would be a 4km ascent with a duration of 2 hours, to reach the viewpoint of the craters and stay in it for a period of 30 minutes, where they are given an explanation on volcanological issues and the eruptive history of the Turrialbeño colossus, and then proceed to the descent of 1 : 30 minutes until returning to the same starting point that was Finca Monte Calas, the walk has a unique scenic beauty of the place where on super clear days you can appreciate the Turrialba valley, the Angostura and Cachí dams, the province of Cartago, also the Chirripó hill and the line of the Caribbean Sea, also of the sounds of birds such as the Chispita Volcanera Hummingbird which is endemic to Costa Rica and a part of Panama, also of the Resplandeci ente Quetzal and you could not miss the possibility of admiring the coyotes in the area. The walk involves a worthy physical effort for those who love nature, adventure and adrenaline.

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