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Nightwalk in the Arenal Volcano

The night walk shows us the world in a different way. Normally human beings are diurnal, we interact with diurnal things and animals. Thus, you will be amazed at how different things are at night. We will enjoy a very educative and fascinating walk through a forest trail -specially designed for night walks- where we will gradually immerse into the nocturnal life of the woods. Ecoglide Arenal Park is surrounded by rivers, pastures, forests, mountains, gardens, and its core is formed by the lush vegetation of a type of tropical humid forest that links to the protected Arenal Volcano National Park area. You could instantly sense the peacefulness and start feeling and hearing the sounds of the night. As we walk, we could discover night-active species. We will start walking around the ponds –an oasis of life-, where we can find some amphibians such as the poison-dart frog, leopard frog, Ghost glass frog, red-eyed leaf frog, bullfrog, wet forest toad, just to mention a few.

We continue our walk accompanied by our expert guide who will teach us every detail about this marvelous ecosystem and with some luck we may find some inhabitants of the night such as bats, spiders, butterflies, birds, basilisks, and snakes among others.

Which made everything more interesting is the way these species interact with each other within the vegetation and the ponds. Insects, amphibians, and reptiles, in general, are more active at night time. Our guide goes by giving you every detail about what you see and hear, so be ready for learning.

Departure time: 17:00

Includes: Transportation, naturalist guide, flashlight, entrance fee, and drinks.

What to bring:
Hiking boots, insect repellent, and long pants.

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