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Canopy Tour + Tarzan Swing + Night Walk

It consists of 11 cables, 13 platforms and a suspension bridge, the tour is divided into two sections. Nine of these platforms are in the trees, where visitors can have greater contact with nature, while releasing adrenaline in a healthy and safe way.

Within the route we can find the Tarzan Swing, which consists of a swing where we jump from a platform to a void in a forest clearing rocking for several times with special equipment, until we leave all our worries, its height reaches almost 40 meters.

The tour is distributed in 2 sections:

  • The first consists of 6 cables and 7 platforms, with lengths up to 210 meters long and an average height of 25 meters. Tarzan swing comes next.  
  • And the second part consists of 5 cables and 6 platforms, with lengths ranging from 100 meters to 430 meters.

Then, we will start walking around the ponds –an oasis of life-, where we can find some amphibians such as the poison-dart frog, leopard frog, Ghost glass frog, red-eyed leaf frog, bullfrog, wet forest toad, just to mention a few.

We continue our walk accompanied by our expert guide who will teach us every detail about this marvelous ecosystem and with some luck we may find some inhabitants of the night such as bats, spiders, butterflies, birds, basilisks, and snakes among others.

Which made everything more interesting is the way these species interact with each other within the vegetation and the ponds. Insects, amphibians, and reptiles, in general, are more active at night time. Our guide goes by giving you every detail about what you see and hear, so be ready for learning.

Tour Schedules: 14:30



  • Professional adventures guides.
  • A / C Transportation
  • Safety Gear
  • Non alcoholic drinks

What to bring: 

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Close shoes.
  • Insect repelent

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