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Canopy Nacionales

The Extreme Canopy offers modern and safe equipment, safety instructions, guides with extensive experience, a cataract view, 14 cables, 5 of them extremely long: 467 meters, 425 meters, 600 meters, 750 meters, 1 kilometer.
The cables have an approximate height between 75 meters and 150 meters.

The Canopy includes at no additional cost:

  • Rappel (30 meters).
  • Tarzan Swing.
  • Superman in 1 km cable
  • Superman Underground: Tunnel under the mountain of 175 meters long.
The tour has insurance policy, 21 platforms, excellent service and comfort, a total distance of 4 km. Total duration of the tour 3 hours.

The 4% tax is included in the price of the reservation

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