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Birdwatching Near Me, Jaco

Know as a the surf capital of Costa Rica Jaco is very little know for the bird world. With a staggering number of well over 400 species of birds, Jaco is the absolute best birding destination in the all of Costa Rica, nestled amoung mountains, rivers and the Pacific Ocean as a natural barrier this quaint blomming town has it all when it comes to our feathery Friends.

Its common to see flocks of iridecent red flashes about our heads, nothing more iconic than parrots and allies to represent tropical forest. Macaws find nesting grounds in this beach town but also its great diversity of micro ecosystems push the numbers up high, dozens of families co exist within less than 10 minute drive from the main


The diverse hábitats of the rainforest are home to a huge number of birds but also the nearby forest patches, estuaries, grasslands and agricultural grounds. Perfect for birdwatchers of all levels, naturalists and environmentalists, this extraordinary places will perplex you with hundrends of flutelike calls, rainbow fill colorful birds,

hawks hunting down or picture perfect toucans perch up high in the leafless branches. Join our local experts to what might become your next hobby, passtime or passion.


Birding for all is our motto, we also cater limited skills birding for those with special conditions were movility can become a straint.

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