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Service By Boat, Professional Birding

Rise with hundreds of bird calls along the Tarcoles River, feel and see the sun shining and the untamed wildlife waking up. Mangrove Birding Journeys offers you the best birding and nature experience in the area. The boat trip will take you thru 3 hours of unrivaled moments in nature or for those seeking out endemics such as Mangrove Hummingbird, Vireo, Warbler, Flycatchers etc. Or Join us to capture that magnificent golden light of the afternoon, catch good views of the roosting areas in which birds gather together after a long day, raptors like Laughing Falcons calling up loud until light goes down, flocks of Scarlet Macaws returning to the mangroves to sleep, capture great views of shore birds and waders along the mud flats, banks and puddles.
Within the area we have identified over 347 species along the river mangroves and our private property. Dozens of other birds would be found such as Ibis, Ahninga, Cormorants, Pelicans, Frigatebirds bathing in large groups, Ospreys bomb diving for fish, 5 species of Kingfishers including the second smallest one in the world American Pygmy, 9 other species of parrots/alike; 14 species of Herons and a favorite among many Roseate Spoonbill.
We will travel slowly in order to see as many species possible. At MBJ we understand quality and quantity, we offer you both. An experience not to miss

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