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Full Day Birding

According to your interests, you can build your experience by choosing 3 of the following environments:

For those looking for the best sighting experience in the majestic Rio Grande de Tarcoles, they will be able to see endemic species such as the mangrove hummingbird, vireo, warblers, mosqueritos, among others.

We will be able to appreciate the scenic beauty of the place, as a result of the fishing activity, the place is visited by a large number of coastal birds in search of food as a result of the activity.

Our experienced guides will help you identify the different species by their shapes and colors, as well as by recognizing their calls.

Sunset is the perfect moment for the encounter of many species that together with the beauty of the place and its songs offer a life experience. In this place it is very easy to see limpets and toucans showing off their beautiful colors.

With a great wealth of flora our garden is the meeting place for many species of birds. Nearly 400 species of endemic and exotic plants line the walkways that lead guests along the ridges and valleys little deep.

The tour will start at our office at 6:00 am from which we will depart to our first destination, our team will kindly give you an induction talk and rules of the activity, in order that you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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Important: * The tour time selected represents the time in which the tour will begin. It does not confirm the time we will pick you up. The pick up time will be approximately 30 to 40 minutes before your tour.