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Boat Tour

Boat Tour

We shall commence our journey enjoying a refreshing “tropical fruits buffet” by the courtyard at “La Casona”; coffee or tea will be served while you take the best of Guanacaste’s splendid landscape scattered by evergreen trees or flame-colored flowers visited by the loud magpie jays.
Put away your cameras for just a moment and get ready to aim for a new world of exotic experiences beyond the hills. The forest road will take us into a captivating journey amidst hidden trails and enticing rivers. Our well-equipped canopy-covered boats, expertly steered by our river captains, will let our guests enjoy an incredible number of tropical species such as rose spoon-billed or the mythical Jabirú stork. And for the youngest explorers, the trip might bring unique opportunities to observe reptiles such as crocodiles or the always expected white-throated capuchin monkeys

During our boat trip river, we realize –in person and live- how the adven- ture photographers might feel when they approach and capture many of those unforgettable natural scenes in the wild. Hey fellows, it is a jungle out there!.

Children's policies
  • Infants 0-4 years old do not apply fee.
  • Children from 5-11 years apply 30% discount. On the rack rate without counting the $ 3 of entrance to the refuge. Once 30% is applied, the $ 3 is added.
  • Visitors 12 years and older apply adult rate.
Tour Operation Minimum 2 People

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