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Boat Tour + Cultural Tour + Rum Tour + Lunch

Boat Tour

We shall commence our journey enjoying a refreshing “tropical fruits buffet” by the courtyard at “La Casona”; coffee or tea will be served while you take the best of Guanacaste’s splendid landscape scattered by evergreen trees or flame-colored flowers visited by the loud magpie jays.
Put away your cameras for just a moment and get ready to aim for a new world of exotic experiences beyond the hills. The forest road will take us into a captivating journey amidst hidden trails and enticing rivers. Our well-equipped canopy-covered boats, expertly steered by our river captains, will let our guests enjoy an incredible number of tropical species such as rose spoon-billed or the mythical Jabirú stork. And for the youngest explorers, the trip might bring unique opportunities to observe reptiles such as crocodiles or the always expected white-throated capuchin monkeys
During our boat trip river, we realize –in person and live- how the adven- ture photographers might feel when they approach and capture many of those unforgettable natural scenes in the wild. Hey fellows, it is a jungle out there!.

Cultural Tasting

An ideal moment to remember old times, how our grandparents used to live, and to breathe their culture and traditions. We begin the tour at the “Trapiche” (mill), known as the place where the process of extracting the juice of the sugar cane happened long ago. In this tour, we can observe how an ox tied to a yoke makes a “needle” turn, so the cane can fit inside the mill, and this how the juice is obtained.
As a part of the experience, we will taste slices of sugar cane and its juice, “tapa de dulce” (raw sugar), and of course the sugar cane juice. After we try the sweetest thing, it’s time to go to a place that will immediately take us back to the ancient times of old ranches that belonged to families from Guanacaste; a space of culture and learning “La Casa del Sabanero” (The Sabanero Farm).
We will taste the delicious traditional meal of Guanacaste, as we observe how the “tanelas”, “empanaditas”, and “rosquillas” are baked on a wood oven. All these are prepared with corn, just as our grandmas do!
Have you imagined how to make a tortilla? Well, this is the place where you will learn. The women at “La Casa del Sabanero” will teach you how to make them just as all people do in Guanacaste! Finally, along with the “tanelas”, “empanaditas”, “rosquillas”, the tortillas, and cheese, we will drink a delicious coffee or natural fruit juice.

Rum Experience By Sabandí

In the middle of the grass plains of Guanacaste, Hacienda El Viejo is surrounded by sugarcane crops and the most important river in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, Rio Tempisque.
With a house of more than 150 years old and former home to presidents of both Costa Rica and Nicaragua comes the first Costa Rican Rum Experience by Sabandi. Feel the contact with earth and our roots, prepare your senses as we experience the whole process of producing high quality Rum from our purest sugar cane.
View the extracting and cooking of the sugar cane juice in an artisanal way, until you reach the distiller where you will get the first liquors and highest purity.
Our Rickhouse awaits your taste buds, which age and improve the flavors of our Sabandi Rum in its oak barrels. The aged Sabandí rum, distilled on premises, boasts its characteristics and differences with each sip.

Enjoy the end of the tour with a delicious cocktail made with Sabandi Rum and the stunning views of our lagoon, Relax and enjoy the birds, and peacefullness of the most emblematic haciendas of the last century in the North Pacific of Costa Rica.

Children's policies
  • Infants 0-4 years old do not apply fee.
  • Children from 5-11 years apply 30% discount. On the rack rate without counting the $ 3 of entrance to the refuge. Once 30% is applied, the $ 3 is added.
  • People 12 years and older apply adult rate.

Tour Operation Minimum 2 People

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