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Sky Tram + Trek (Zipline)

Sky Trek is a thrilling zipline circuit that’s located in the magical forest.
Zipline courses begin at the top of the mountains, you will ride and open-air gondola to this point while admiring the best views of the surrounding area and even more. From there on, you will start the zipline course down the mountain. Cables stretch from mountain to mountain, reaching incredible lengths and heights, crossing canyons, going into the forests, and even sometimes in between clouds.
Sky Trek is more than that, live a unique experience beyond distance or heights, admire unique views, and feel the adrenaline like no other adventure

Departure time: 7:20am - 7:50am - 8:20am - 9:50am - 10:50am - 12:20pm - 1:20pm - 2:20pm
Duration: 4 hours
Price per person: $115

What to bring:
Comfortable light Clothing
Tennis or Closed shoes
Raincoat or Jacket
Insect repellent

Unit Price

$ 115.00

Tour Length:
4 Hour(s)
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