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Maquenque Route BIKING (For +11 Group)

Ruta Maquenque is a tour designed for cycling lovers with a total of 73 km of travel, where it is looking for a pleasant environment surrounded by nature to make the practice of this sport more enjoyable, it has three levels of difficulty so that each person who wants to do it can opt for the one that best suits your condition.

 We start the tour in the facilities of Canoa Aventura, the guide in charge will give assistance and accompany you all the way, there will be two hydration stations, the first one will be in the kitchen of Tita Yolanda in Boca Arenal, to reach that point will cross the San Carlos River by boat (600 meters away) both cyclists and companions can enjoy a delicious snack and the second stop will be at the junction Castelmar. Riders who do not wish to do the entire route can join the recreational ride at either of these two stations. The tour operates from 11 people.

The arrival point will be at the Hotel Maquenque Eco Lodge where you can enjoy a delicious typical lunch at the Lodge's restaurant. 

    • Departure time from Canoa Aventura facilities 06:00 a.m.
    • Minimum age 10 years old/ no discount applies 
    • Includes transportation and guides
    • Return time back to Canoa Aventura facilities 5:00 p.m.

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