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Total length of stay: 1 Night

Pool View Room (1 King bed)

Room Type Pool View Room (1 King bed)
Guests Adult(s): 2
Rate Regular Room Rate
SubTotal  USD $ 85,00
Sub Total $ 85,00
DISCOUNT $ - 12,75
TAXES & FEES $ 9,39

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1-The number of persons indicated on your reservation must be the same once arrived at the hotel.
2-Any change could be communicated in advance and approved or denied by the management.
3-Any infant or kid is considered a person, so to be indicated as part of you group on the reservation.
4-Bring cash to pay minibar or other extras on your room bill.
5-Hotel requests a 100US$ credit card or cash deposit when you check in, this is for any incidents during your stay and it will be released when you check out.if everything is fine.
6-Check -in is 2 PM, check-out is at noon (12 AM).
7-Reception is open from 8 AM to 8 PM.
8-Late arrival is permitted, but if you already know please inform us in advance. Security guard will be waiting for you with the room key, but the next morning we request to fill out the check-in form.
9-You can leave the hotel anytime you like but please inform us the night before if you will leave in the early morning, because in that case we need you to return room key ans AC remote controller to the security guard.
10-The credit card deposit will be released only after 8 AM, once checked the room.
11-We invite you to ask to the staff anything you might need about the hotel's services, activities and tours, if something is not working well in your room or if you have any other request.

Your card will be used as guarantee