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Total length of stay: 1 Night

Double Room

Room Type Double Room
Guests Adult(s): 2
Rate Regular Room Rate
SubTotal  USD $ 75,00
Sub Total $ 75,00
TAXES & FEES $ 9,75

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Reservations & Cancellation Polices
"¢ Pets are not allowed, in case of pet due to disability it is allowed only with medical reference.
"¢ Check in: 2: 00pm, the final check-in time is at: 9: 00pm
"¢ Check out: 11 am

Deposit policies
All agency deposits must be made 15 days before the date of entry, to the account 100-02-127-600148-0, in the name of Rustic Lodge J Y M S.A, the account is in dollars.

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